Vinyl Windows and Doors

Benefits of Vinyl Frames

If you are looking to replace your windows or doors, there are many benefits to choose vinyl window and door frames.

  • Extremely long-lasting
  • Non-corroding
  • Almost no upkeep required
  • Extremely energy-efficient

Vinyl frames are mostly made up of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and are extremely energy-efficient.

This material has numerous advantages, including the fact that it requires little to no upkeep. Vinyl window and door frames are not all the same. The quality of vinyl produced by one producer will differ from that of another. This is due to the fact that a vinyl frame is created from a compound—sort of a recipe—that determines its performance over time.

Each component in a company’s vinyl recipe contributes to the final product’s long-term properties, such as weather and impact resistance. Titanium dioxide, for example, makes vinyl more heat resistant. Competing windows may appear identical at first glance, but there might be significant changes in the vinyl recipe used and how vinyl pieces are made to make a window physically sturdy and optimum insulating performance.

Vinyl windows and doors are often available in white and a variety of neutral hues. Long-lasting, dependable, high-quality vinyl replacement windows and patio doors are also available for remodeling or new construction.

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Vinyl Frames

Imperial Series Vinyl Windows and Doors

Imperial Series™

These vinyl windows are virtually maintenance free and are designed to add beauty and functionality to your project. These windows feature a slim profile and many attractive and durable hardware features.

Galaxy Series Vinyl Windows and Doors

Galaxy Series®

Select Galaxy Series to replace old aluminum or wood windows. Manufactured in vinyl these virtually maintenance free windows and doors are designed to add beauty and functionality to your project.

GS Series Vinyl Windows and Doors

GS Series™

The GS Series is our most complete, top of the line product family. Built to deliver outstanding performance and engineered to host several glass packages including triple glazing and laminated glass options.

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