Aluminum Series®

Aluminum Series T-5000 offers excellent options that will bring an elegant look and comfort to your home for many years.

Take a closer look at our Aluminum Series features and benefits for your replacement, remodel or new construction project.

Our thermally broken aluminum windows and doors in tandem with dual and triple glaze glass packages deliver outstanding thermal performance and will keep your home cooler in the warm summer months while reducing heating costs in the winter.

With many window styles to select from and a wide variety of enhancements and glass options, the design possibilities for your project are endless with Value’s Thermally Broken Aluminum Windows Series T-5000.

Main Features

Thermal breaks act as a barrier to dramatically reduce heat conductivity while delivering a modern look.
Aluminum is lightweight, but incredibly strong material, allowing for excellent structural integrity and a narrow profile.
Aluminum is sustainable as a highly recyclable material.
Aluminum’s thermal stability makes it a preferred option for areas where humidity is high, and temperature changes are harsh.
Aluminum Series - Aluminum Doors and Windows - Anytime Windows and Doors

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TiplePane Glass - Anytime Windows and Doors

TriplePane Glass

Our triple pane insulated glass unit consists of three layers of glass sealed with Duralite spacers. Inner glass chambers are filled with argon gas.

Along with better home insulation, a triple pane window is among the very best choice for an energy efficient home. Stop energy from escaping though inefficient windows.


  • 2 LoE3 glass panes for maximum energy savings
  • 2 inner chambers are filled with argon gas
  • Increased air space improves sound reduction efficacy

Standard Dura Pane Glass

Dual pane glass comes standard in all series and features loE3 glass, clear glass, Argon gas filledc and Duralite or SuperSpacer for thermal performance and energy efficiency.


  • High quality Cardinal® glass
  • Argon gas filled
Standard Dura Pane Glass - Anytime Windows and Doors

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