The use of high-quality, energy-efficient windows can provide significant benefits to both home and business owners.


Here are 3 advantages of installing energy-efficient windows:


1) Spending less money and lowering carbon footprints


When compared to non-certified goods, ENERGY STAR windows reduce energy expenses and carbon footprints by 12% nationwide. The following energy savings and emission reductions can be realized, according to the ENERGY STAR website:


The typical annual savings of replacing single-pane windows in a home range from $101 to $583. Emissions are reduced by 1,006-6,205 lb of CO2 per year, the equivalent of 51-317 gallons of gasoline.

The average annual savings when replacing double-paned, clear glass windows is $27-$197. Emissions are lowered by 246-2,001 lb of CO2 per year, which is equal to 13-102 gallons of gasoline.

Savings will vary based on the climate and the type of windows being replaced.


2) Improved insulation enhances temperature management and comfort.


ENERGY STAR certified windows help maintain your house at a consistent and comfortable temperature by minimizing hot and cold areas in rooms. During the winter, energy efficient windows offer a barrier against cold weather, maintaining a warm and comfortable environment indoors. During the summer, they help to block the sun’s rays, lowering air conditioning expenditures.


3) Shield furniture from UV rays.


Special coatings on energy-efficient windows defend against the sun’s UV radiation. Objects such as rugs, carpets, wood, fabrics, paintings, and furniture are preserved as a result of this process. The coating on ENERGY STAR windows functions as a sunscreen for your home, reducing visible light without being obvious. These unique coatings can minimize fading by up to 75%.